Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Circle by Jeannie Baker (Walker Books)

A truly stunning picture book encompassing the beauty of our earth, the birds and animals that live on it, and of course a strong eco message. Let's dip into "Circle" by Jeannie Baker.
Jeannie Baker's books are always amazing. Her fantastic "Mirror" held up a mirror to our own neighbourhood and our world, encouraging flights of fancy and imagination.

Now Jeannie tackles the subject of a little-known bird that is something of an evolutionary success.

The Bar-Tailed Godwit may be a bird you've never heard of before, but for thousands of years these plucky creatures have been taking to the skies, wonderfully demonstrating the circle of life.

These intelligent birds know how to circumnavigate the globe, covering huge distances using their built-in senses for expert navigation. Year after year they take to the skies and the tradewinds, following routes and paths that they and their ancestors have flown for thousands of years.

Like Jeannie's other fantastic picture books, "Circle" is a dreamy and poetic love letter to our wonderful world, filled to the brim with astonishing illustrations and photo montages exploring nearly every corner of the globe alongside this fascinating bird.

"Circle" is out now from Walker Books.