Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Mr Particular, the World's Choosiest Champion by Jason Kirschner (Sterling Publishing)

We're up, up and away now with a finicky picky mister. It's Mr Particular, the world's choosiest champion!
Jason Kirschner's "Mr Particular" leaps onto our review pile (albeit carefully with the minimum of fuss, disturbance and mess), wowing us with a fast-paced comic-strip-style mix of fun and hilarity.

Mr Particular claims to be a superhero, but he's not really like the others. Whereas most children are quite happy to dive into a mud puddle, or gross each other out, Mr Particular likes things to be exactly the way he likes them.

All non-dessert food must be served with ketchup, coconut is strictly not allowed, shirts must always be untucked and humming is very much off the menu.

Mr Particular's friends form the Super-Duper Group, a like-minded bunch of would-be superhero kids each with their own particular talents. Daring Duck has the might of a mallard, while Atomic Bear can roar and put the wind up any baddies in the neighbourhood. But sometimes Mr Particular's pickiness can be a real drag, and his friends are actually wondering if MP's superpowers are of any use at all!

Can the world's choosiest champion convince them otherwise?

A fantastic and hugely original tale of friendships and of that stage that just about every kid goes through where things have to be 'just so', Mr Particular is an absolute riot and well and truly worthy of a place in your book collection

Charlotte's best bit: Daring Duck's sassy comebacks when Mr Particular is up to his usual finickiness.

Daddy's favourite bit: So many brilliant bits in this (I loved the faux comic-style ads for useless things - I SO wanted X-Ray specs as a kid!). Hugely original and fun with a really positive message at its core. Well done Jason!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Sterling Publishing)

"Mr Particular, the World's Choosiest Champion"

Written and Illustrated by Jason Kirschner

Published by Sterling Publishing

Publication Date: 7th July 2016