Monday, 18 July 2016

Up, Up and Away by Tom McLaughlin (Bloomsbury Children's Books)

What does it take to make your own planet? This is Orson's big question in Tom McLaughlin's awesome and dreamy new story book...
Orson might be an ordinary little boy but he has huge, colossal aspirations. Orson wants to build his own planet but where on earth do you start?

Orson's recipe seems sound. A cup of rocks, a smattering of mud, some water and of course a big BANG and then before long Orson has his very own planet spinning gently and floating in his bedroom.

Orson soon finds out though that looking after the planet takes a lot more effort than he first thought. What happens when things start to spiral out of control? Sometimes you have to let go the things you love the most and this is part of the gorgeous little message tucked lovingly into this tale.

Tom's gentle humour and gorgeous illustrations make this a rather attractive and delightful picture book.

"Up, Up and Away" came out on the 7th July from Bloomsbury Children's Books