Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Super Happy Magic Forest: Slug of Doom by Matty Long (OUP / Oxford Children's Books)

Oh my, if ever a book was perfectly tailored for our slightly bizarre sense of humour, it's definitely this one...
The follow up to "Super Happy Magic Forest" introduces our gallant heroes to a new insidious threat from a creature long assumed to be squished and imprisoned. Alas, "The Slug of Doom" chronicles the rise of the nefarious titular beast, intent on wreaking havoc with the aid of a legendary artifact.

A fairy, a gnome, a unicorn, a talking mushroom and a rather cheesy faun set out on an epic quest to thwart this slithery foe, restoring peace, love and brilliant barbecue sessions to the Super Happy Magic Forest.

We love things like Adventure Time, Gravity Falls and other crazy cartoon series - and Super Happy Magic Forest: Slug of Doom feels like it takes a few cheeky bites from the same cherry, poking fun and tweaking the rosy cheeks of fantasy genres.

Matty's amusing story is complimented by some truly gorgeous and detailed scenes, pitting our brave troupe against all manner of mythical beasts from hungry trolls to annoying elves.

Will the gallant gang achieve infamy and their place in legend by introducing The Slug of Doom to the big stampy foot of squish? You'll have to read this awesome book to find out. Also don't miss the first book in the series, "Super Happy Magic Forest" also published by OUP / Oxford Children's Books.

Charlotte's best bit: The super-brave unicorn (well, sort of super-brave. More of a quivering wreck most of the time really)

Daddy's favourite bit: Hilarious, brilliantly illustrated, and who can resist an evil slug with a big silly moustache! Awesome stuff from Matty.

(Kindly sent to us for review by Oxford Children's Books / OUP)

"Super Happy Magic Forest: Slug of Doom"

Written and Illustrated by Matty Long

Published by Oxford Children's Books / OUP

Publication Date: 1st September 2016