Wednesday, 21 September 2016

The Tale of Kitty in Boots by Beatrix Potter and Quentin Blake (Frederick Warne Publishing)

Slipping in silently on silken paws, here's a lost story from one of the world's best-loved authors...
Let's face it, if one author-illustrator DEFINED the entire genre of anthropomorphic animal stories for children, Beatrix Potter's name is quite rightly revered as one of the foundation stones of children's literature in the various forms we know it today.

Her stories have become classics, loved by generation after generation. So finding a 'lost' story is definitely a find indeed.

"The Tale of Kitty-In-Boots" is such a tale, tucked behind the wainscotting of Beatrix's better-known tales but nonetheless an entertaining (and at times gleefully cheeky) wee story, brought back to stunning life with some glorious illustrations by someone else whose name is synonymous with children's classics. Sir Quentin Blake, no less.

"Kitty in Boots" isn't just your ordinary everyday female moggy hero. Kitty, the most well behaved cat, actually leads a double life as a bit of a superhero. By day, mild mannered and impeccably dressed, by evening she pops on a pair of 'serious boots' and goes out hunting - not just for tasty prey but for nefarious criminals.

But, this evening, has she met her ultimate foe? A dastardly brush known as Mr Tod, the foxiest hunter of them all!

Beatrix's humour is usually quite subtle but this story feels like all the stops have been pulled out, all the safety valves locked in the 'off' position so she can really let rip with a rollicking and entertaining tale.

I was apprehensive about how well Quentin Blake's illustrations would work but I needn't have worried, they're brilliant - Well, this is Sir Quentin we're talking about, after all. Fun and characterful, they compliment the story wonderfully.

This is a real 'keeper' of a book, taking its rightful place alongside Beatrix's amazing classics. Brilliant stuff

Charlotte's favourite bit: Kitty venturing out in her serious 'kick-butt' boots!

Daddy's favourite bit: A genuinely fun and brilliantly

(Kindly supplied for review)