Monday, 24 October 2016

100 Most Awesome Things on the Planet by Anna Claybourne (QED)

How could we resist a book that actually has "Awesome" in the title. We can't and this really is awesome too...!
"100 Most Awesome things on the Planet" has a lot to live up to with a title like that.

"Prepare to be amazed" is also on the cover, and you will be amazed that a pocket-sized title like this can reveal some truly incredible facts and figures about the natural and man-made world and the astonishing things in it.

The world's most amazing animals are, of course, featured heavily in this book but also prepare to see the most incredible natural wonders from a globe-trotter's perspective, and some of the most astonishing structures, vehicles and buildings that humans have built using their ingenuity and imagination.

Each page spread is packed with brilliant photos, illustrations and of course tons and tons of interesting facts. Kids who love big books like "The Guinness Book of Records" will really love this more pocket-friendly book.

"100 Most Awesome Things on the Planet" by Anna Claybourne is out now, published by QED (Kindly supplied for review).