Monday 31 October 2016

The perfect book for later tonight - "Ghost Stories" by various authors (Scholastic Publishing)

This one slipped in silently like a spooky spirit or spectre and it's perfect for later tonight and some torchlit ghost storytelling. The sublime "Ghost Stories" collection from Scholastic...
I'm often bemoaning the fact that, as a 1970s flare-wearing kid, I'd have my nose in a brilliantly spooky book more often than not.

Thames Methuen (the long-gone publisher of awesome children's books) seemed to have a habit of publishing gloriously spooky stuff.

Now it looks like Scholastic Classics have picked up the baton, and are running with it in publishing this gorgeous shiny purple-clad anthology of ghoulish brilliance, with stories from some of the world's best known authors.

Spooky atmospheric stuff like "Whistle and I'll come to you, my lad" by M.R. James and "The Body Snatchers" by Robert Louis Stevenson are just the tip of the iceberg.

You'll also find short stories from Charles Dickens, Oscar Wilde, Edgar Allan Poe (of course!) and Washington Irving. All combined in a compendium of cool that really will get Halloween off to a flying (screaming) start.

"Ghost Stories" by Scholastic Classics is out now (thanks to awesome Olivia H. for supplying this review copy)