Tuesday 17 January 2017

Amy Lee and the Darkness Hex by Amy Lee (Scholastic Children's Books)

Amy Lee - Global YouTube Gaming Superstar, Minecraft nut and all round sweetheart has already hit the bookshelves with her first title...
We took a look at "The Magical World of Amy Lee" last year, which was a picture book title bringing you up to speed with Amy's favourite things, and all the characters and friends she loves in her own Minecraft world.

Minecraft is still something of an obsession with us too, but I must admit that I'd rather watch paint dry than watch other people playing games. It's a bit like participating in a sport vs watching it. I've never really been able to get into that either.

Anyway for Charlotte, the first book was an awesome insight into Amy's effervescence and enthusiasm for Minecraft and now she's branched out into something slightly different again.

"Amy Lee and the Darkness Hex" is a middle grade story book that draws us into an adventure in Amy Lee's Land of Love.

Something is terribly wrong! A strange purple cloud has appeared on the horizon, and Amy discovers that the trees are all dying in the forest. 

Can Amy defeat the dark forces threatening her beloved kingdom and restore love, peace and tranquility to her colourful world?

It's a fast-paced adventure and you can follow Amy's exploits over on her YouTube Channel...

Charlotte's best bit: Amy's obsession with her animal friends (which is very very similar to Charlotte's own habit of creating huge farms of animals in her own Minecraft world!)

Daddy's favourite bit: Love the idea of girl gaming superstars branching out into stories and books, and inspiring kids to discover the creative side of games. It's all cool with us!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Scholastic)