Wednesday, 15 February 2017

"Princess Primrose" by Alex T. Smith (Scholastic Children's Books)

It's actually been a very long time since we've read a "Princess" book - but this is Alex T. Smith so we're prepared to make exceptions...!
Charlotte is completely and utterly over the "Princessy" and "Pink" phase (or so she tells us) but we can't resist a good belly laugh. And that's what Alex provides in "Princess Primrose", the tale of a Princess who really is a LOT like Charlotte.

She doesn't want to be prim and proper, sitting around practising her waving while wearing a dress like a giant pink meringue. Her best friend Percy the Pug (a bit of a scene-stealer if you ask us) seems to be the only one who understands, as mum and dad (the King and Queen) are always telling Primrose off for her escapades.

So what's wrong with climbing trees? Getting covered in mud? Baking cakes?

Well it's just not very "Princess Like" is it (at least that's what mum and dad think). Exasperated, they call on Grand-Mama to try and sort Primrose out!

But thankfully Grand-Mama knows exactly what the solution is here. She soon shows the King and Queen that having fun, being yourself and not being such an old stick in the mud can make life a heck of a lot better, even when you're royalty!

Charlotte's favourite bit: Percy and Grand-Mama's cat (who seem to be hopelessly in love - it'll never work!) and Grand-Mama's awesome form of transport (which we won't spoil for you!)

Daddy's favourite bit: A superb little tale about enjoying who you are, and having a lot of fun in life (and SMILING! YESSS!) Lovely stuff Mr S!

"Princess Primrose" by Alex T. Smith is out now, published by Scholastic Children's Books.