Tuesday 21 February 2017

That's Not a Daffodil by Elizabeth Honey (Allen and Unwin)

Kids absolutely love growing things, but sometimes it's difficult to be patient when all you're looking at is a big brown pot of soil...
The young boy in "That's Not a Daffodil" helps to plant some ugly looking bulbs, and his kindly neighbour shows him how to look after his newly adopted plant. "But that's not a Daffodil" young Tom cries. "Patience" says the old gardener. "Watch and Wait!"

But it seems to take AGES for anything to happen.

With a few mishaps along the way, Tom soon sees the tiniest green shoot arrive, then a small finger-size stub, before his plant finally grows its first beautiful bloom.

In this touching and engaging story, kids will love the slow-burn as the story unfolds just like the petals of the aforementioned flower.

Delightful and whimsical, "That's Not a Daffodil" by Elizabeth Honey is out now, published by Allen and Unwin (kindly sent for review).