Monday, 13 March 2017

Counting with Tiny Cat by Viviane Schwarz (Walker Books)

Making numbers and counting fun is the key to engaging young children with their first steps in maths....
So obviously we love a book that puts the fun back into those rather staid and boring counting books with a mischievous scamp called Tiny Cat. Anyone who has ever encountered any of Viviane Schwarz's other fabulous cat-related books will know that she has a keen observational eye for cat behaviour.

She also knows what makes kids giggle and laugh, and in "Counting with Tiny Cat" she brings those components together beautifully in a reduced minimal style that is captivating and bold.

Tiny Cat is fine counting up to certain numbers - and you can enjoy counting along with him. But what happens when your big pile of beautiful red yarn (tomatoes? red noses? red roses?) gets a bit out of hand?

There's such an energy running through this book and parents will definitely appreciate something that's as busy and fun as their own little ones, as Tiny comes up with the best number of all to describe his huge pile of things. LOTS!

"Counting with Tiny Cat" by Viviane Schwarz is out now, published by Walker Books.