Wednesday 29 March 2017

Moments in History that Changed the World by Clare Hibbert (British Library / Revolutions)

The British Library's fantastic new children's range - Revolutions - is a fact-packed bumper book full of the sort of things we love to read about the most.
History - stretching back to the dawn of time and the emergence of the first written and pictorial communications, right through to the modern age, Clare Hibbert's "Moments in History that Changed the World" presents historical facts, figures and places in a really fantastic way.

Each page is packed with illustrations, photos and fab little boxed-out facts with categories for the various locations around the globe, and most importantly the key figures in global history - some of which you'll know but quite a lot you won't.

Non-Fiction titles are moving steadily away from their association with school and learning, and more into the realm of becoming fascinating books in their own right.

The British Library (as you'd expect) have put together the Revolutions range to strike a fantastic balance between instant engagement with the subject at hand, fused with not dumbing down information to make it too quirky or humorous to be absorbed by children who can use a fantastic book like this to help with homework, or just read for fun.

"Moments in History that Changed the World" by Clare Hibbert is out now, published by British Library / Revolutions (kindly supplied for review).