Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Two more fantastic little animal-based books from Lorenzo Clerici and Silvia Borando (Minibombo / Walker)

Try as we might, we never seem to settle the argument over which species is more superior. Dogs? Are you a dog lover? Or do you prefer cats?
Perhaps it's best to play it safe and pick up both of the two superb new "Minibombo" books from Lorenzo Clerici and Sylvia Borando.

"The Dog Book" gives you the chance to get to know your new poochie pal. First give it a name, and try some simple training - but watch out, because if there's one thing you'll very quickly learn about dogs - they love to chew EVERYTHING!

We loved the previous "Hamster" book in the Minibombo pets range and "The Dog Book" is also just as brilliant (and huge huge hip hip hooray for brilliant end papers!).

"The Dog Book" by Lorenzo Clerici is out now, published by Minibombo / Walker Books.

But wait a minute, we can't let dogs hog all the limelight can we!

"The Cat Book" by Silvia Borando lets our feline chums have their say. Cats might not be quite as daft and slobbery as dogs but they're still endearing.

Nothing like a good purr and scratch to set things right. Hilarious, brilliantly presented and full of feline facts, take charge of your moggy book and enjoy a whiskery treat!

"The Cat Book" by Silvia Borando is also out now, published by Minibombo / Walker Books.

We love the fact that both books have that fabulous Dick Bruna-esque look about them, simple but hugely amusing artwork and a minimised word count make these perfect for your little tiddler pet-fans. What a great little range!

You can check out our review of "The Hamster Book" here.

(Both books kindly supplied for review)