Tuesday 28 March 2017

We're All Wonders by R.J Palacio (Picture Puffin)

August Pullman, hero of R.J. Palacio's fabulous "Wonder" is back, this time with a message for younger kids...
Out today, and looking extremely impressive, R.J Palacio follows up her fantastic chapter book with a picture book aimed at younger readers, but still with a hugely important message about tolerance, being happy in your own skin and above all else a message of kindness and hope.

"We're All Wonders" is a picture book treatment introducing younger readers to Auggie (August) Pullman, a truly amazing kid with an extraordinary face. One intelligent sky-blue eye peeks out at a world that isn't always kind or helpful to someone who looks so different.

Auggie and his dog Daisy embark on an amazing adventure, clad in their space helmets, jetting off into the stratosphere to meet their good friends on the Planet Pluto.

Keeping the word count to a minimum, but letting Auggie narrate his own story, kids will be drawn in by his amazing imagination and also his acceptance of others, with Auggie perhaps finding a friend right here on earth along the way.

This is the sort of book that is pitched perfectly and will appeal hugely to kids who don't always feel like they fit in or belong, as others in their class seem to.

Richly illustrated throughout in Palacio's fabulous graphical style, "We're All Wonders" has a message for all of us, of hope, peace, tolerance and love. 

"We're All Wonders" by R.J Palacio is out today, published by Picture Puffin (kindly supplied for review).