Monday, 15 May 2017

My New Room by Lisa Stickley (Pavilion Children's Books)

Here's a great little book for any kids who are about to go through a whopping great big change in their lives..Lisa Stickley's superb "My New Room"...
Edith is a little girl, and opens the story after she's just moved house.

She has a new room all to herself - well, that is, apart from all the toys who share her room with her.

Gary Guardsman is the smart fellah in charge of the move and he's on duty to ensure that everything goes to plan, and all the other toys find a space to call their own.

Osbert T. Octopus is happy, sitting atop the chest of drawers that matches his awesome tentacles. Major Ted is happy, he's got pride of place on Edith's pillow, banishing bad dreams and always ready and on hand for a big cuddle.

As all the toys tell their own stories to help Edith settle in, this charming and heartwarming little book feels like an old friend just waiting to be discovered at the bottom of a 'moving house' box.

Superb child-like illustrations are instantly kid-friendly, and the gentle storytelling will encourage children to come up with stories for their own toys perhaps.

Rather brilliant this, proof positive that a simple core idea can be woven into magic by a superbly talented storyteller.

"My New Room" by Lisa Stickley is out now, published by Pavilion Children's Books (kindly supplied for review).