Wednesday 28 June 2017

Class One Farmyard Fun by Julia Jarman and Lynne Chapman (Orchard Books)

All the sights, sounds of the Farmyard are here in the latest "Class" book from Julia Jarman and Lynne Chapman...
Class Two had fun at the zoo but what of Class One? Where will their school trip be?

In "Class One Farmyard Fun" there are tons of animals to discover as Julia Jarman rhymes her way through another fun story. Children will giggle at the hilarious illustrations from Lynne Chapman as Class One are down on the farm.

There are dangers too, in the shape of a rather large, rather ratty snortingly great big bull.

Can Class One possibly survive as the bull charges down the gate. Armed only with a colossal pair of red knickers, they might just save the day.

That bull looks mean! Eeks!
It's chaotic, it's funny, and it's full of character. At times though it feels like the whole thing reads like someone pushing a piano down a rickety flight of stairs with some seriously dodgy rhyming and stilted 'flow' when reading aloud. Charlotte has become a real picky madam when it comes to rhymes so is very quick to point out bits that just don't work for her (or for me, for that matter). Pity that, as the core idea is such a good one.

Teacher does not look impressed!
"Class One Farmyard Fun" by Julia Jarman and Lynne Chapman is out now, published by Orchard Books (kindly supplied for review).