Tuesday, 11 July 2017

"How Hot is Lava and other questions about Volcanoes" (The Good Questions Range) by Kelly Smith (Sterling)

Sterling's fantastic "Good Question!" range continues with a fact-filled book about a truly fascinating subject. Are you ready to fall in love with Volcanoes?
Volcanoes - changing the landscape around us since the dawn of time. Children learn a lot from the fabulous "Good Question" range which delves into a diverse range of subjects about the planet we live on.

This time Volcanoes are the focus of this awesome new addition to the range, with a ton of amazing facts and figures about these amazing natural phenomena.

Tackling questions like "What exactly is a volcano? Can it really destroy an entire city? And how hot is lava?",  this book teaches kids how much they can learn about this force of nature, from where to find the ring of fire to whether volcanoes exist on other planets.

Oh and of course how hot lava is. Clue: Don't try to eat any. 

"How Hot is Lava and Other Questions about Volcanoes" by Kelly Smith is out now, published by Sterling (kindly supplied for review).