Tuesday 22 August 2017

British Museum: Around the World Colouring Book by Thomas Flintham (Nosy Crow)

Being driven scatty by your children already bored out of their wits by the long summer holidays? Wondering how to keep up the good work they've been building up at school? How about killing two birds with one stone in "Around the World: The Colouring Book" from Thomas Flintham
Nosy Crow's superb reputation for producing engaging high quality books full of originality and interest once again surfaces in the form of this brilliant and innovative collaboration between "The Crow" and The British Museum.

Thomas Flintham's "Around the World: The Colouring Book" combines colouring, learning and stickering in a beautifully presented package sure to stave off boredom for kids who love a bit of crafting or colouring to keep them occupied.

The book also offers up tons of amazing stickers, culled from the fabulous exhibits in the British Museum and covering 16 incredible civilisations for history nuts (just like us).

It's a great book for being completely absorbed in for a few hours. As we've already said, Nosy Crow books are high quality so the stickers are easy to peel and stick down, the design of the book is fabulous, and we'd really love to see more museum collaborations like this - there are lots of museums around the country to choose from so imagine your favourite museum having its own dedicated book like this too. Now there's an idea!

"Around the World The Colouring Book" by Thomas Flintham in conjunction with The British Museum is out now, published by Nosy Crow (kindly supplied for review).