Monday, 28 August 2017

Going to School by Rose Blake (Frances Lincoln Children's Books)

There are so many books that tackle the subject of going to "Big School" for the first time - but there's always room for more, and this is a delectable little book...
Rose Blake's "Going to School" is a lovely little accompaniment for kids who are making their first steps into Reception perhaps, just in time for September. As the long summer holidays continue, school might be the furthest thing from their minds right now but as the weeks pass and the date approaches, some will feel apprehensive, some will be excited, some may be going up to big school with their friends and some might be on their own.

So what is big school all about? Rose aims to show you all the fantastic things you can see and do and learn about once you're ready to make the transition from nursery to school.

Deciding how to get there is just part of the fun
There's the school run (more fun for kids than for parents, I'll wager!)

Meeting your teacher for the first time. Miss Balmer looks awesome!
Tons to do once you get to school, hang your coat on your peg and meet your new teacher and classmates.

How about joining in with an awesome class activity?

Learning all about the countries of the world can be huge huge fun!
Rose's illustrations are simple yet colourful and her text is also purposely kept simple so that the youngest children can instantly enjoy and engage with this book.

"Going to School" by Rose Blake is out now, published by Frances Lincoln Children's Books (kindly supplied for review).