Monday, 28 August 2017

"Something City" (YA / Adult Graphic Novel Review) by Ellice Weaver (Avery Hill Publishing)

We're excited to announce that we're ramping up our coverage of comics on the blog, starting with a fantastic YA / Adult deep delve into kooky everyday folk...
"Something City" by Ellice Weaver definitely isn't one to let your middle graders loose on (parental advisory: Swearing, drug references, nudity), but YA and grown ups will be hooked on this anthology of tales culled from Ellice's amazing observations of the human species.

Collecting together a seemingly ordinary and yet quite fascinating cast of characters, ranging from a reluctant naturist to an animal rights activist with a rather dark past, each set of characters is introduced in a cool 'news blip' way before their stories begin to unfold and intertwine.

Diverse stories filled with character and coolness are chronicled in this fantastic GN
Ellice Weaver wrote and illustrated the story on an epic road trip around Europe in her van. Her obvious talent for winkling out stories from her wanderings is expertly conveyed with gorgeous illustrations, tight panel work and a ton of atmosphere.

Good lord Mom and Dad, put some clothes on before you Skype...!
At times it's bittersweet, melancholy and in a couple of cases a bit depressing but the anthology also contains moments of hope and humour as we, the reader, can probably all identify 'people we know' within the stories.

It's fantastic stuff, a completely absorbing read. If you're the sort of comic fan who curls a top lip at the thought of endless Superhero clashes, and prefers something a bit more human than superhuman, Ellice's tales will weave a spell on you and stick long in the memory.

"Something City" by Ellice Weaver is out now, published by Avery Hill (kindly supplied for review).