Thursday, 24 August 2017

Star Wars Jedi Academy: The Force Oversleeps by Jarret Krosoczka (Scholastic)

There are basically four fantasy / literary schools Charlotte would go to if she had a chance...
Her first choice would probably be Hogwarts, in fact I'm pretty sure as a dyed in the wool Hufflepuff with a slinky cat patronus (according to Pottermore at least) she would fit right in.

She'd probably choose Mallory Towers as her second choice, as she's completely in love with the idea of eating a truckload of Double Deckers as a midnight feast.

Third choice is slightly tougher, and at the moment it's a tie break between Gotham Academy (to rub shoulders with the likes of a young Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent and Diana Prince) or Jedi Academy, because who wouldn't want to learn how to change mum and dad's mind on those essential fidget spinner purchases with just a gesture of a Jedi hand.

I was completely unaware of the "Jedi Academy" series by Jarret Krosoczka. We've tended to avoid the slightly 'jokey' side of the Star Wars Universe, there seem to be so many books out there that have successfully tapped into the market for unofficial-but-official quirky kids stuff based around the movies. But "Star Wars Jedi Academy: The Force Oversleeps" dropped through our letterbox and we've had a hilarious introduction to Jarrett's vision of Star Wars from the perspective of a group of young would-be padawans ready to learn all the essential skills that Jedis need.

There's lightsaber training of course, starship piloting, advanced force skills - oh and in the case of a youngling called Victor Starspeeder, a lot of life lessons to learn about having a colossal ego, being displaced when a new kid is cooler than you - and worryingly a bigger sister who seems to be well on her way to embracing the dark side as a Sith!

(you think you've got problems at school, try that little lot out for size).

Victor learns a lot more than how to take on a combat drone as his school year hits the highs and lows, with a school production of "Little Sarlacc of Horrors" to prepare for and a schoolboy crush on classmate Maya (who seems rather smitten with the aforementioned new kid, doesn't that just suck!!)

With a little help from his mentors, and a surprise twist around his sister's seeming slide into all things darkside, you'll have to read this graphic novel yourself to see how Victor fares.

We weren't sold on the artwork in this, it was very hit and miss but we were completely hooked on all the cool little Star Wars in-jokes and references (and I actually laughed out loud at a particular Hamilton fake Jedi instagram pic).

Oh and for what it's worth, Huttfield needs his own daily Web Comic. Just saying.

Charlotte's best bit: Victor's big sister, who is just too cool for school!

Daddy's favourite bit: Art didn't win me over at all, but the great little references, in-jokes and jabs at our own internet-obsessed culture were actually very cool. Great for mini star wars fans who love to dream about going to Jedi Academy themselves.

"Star Wars: Jedi Academy - The Force Oversleeps" by Jarret Krosoczka is out now, published by Scholastic (kindly supplied for review).