Thursday 17 August 2017

Whoah! What happened in July? A huge huge thank you to all you lovely clickers (A ReadItTorial)

This week's ReadItTorial is a huge and humble THANK YOU to you, our readers, for making July one of the most astonishing months in our entire blog history.

I usually don't get too hung up on our blog stats month by month but from time to time I have a quick look in the control panel to see how many unique hits we've garnered during a given month.

A couple of things surprised me...

1) July was incredible, I mean really incredible. Normally our unique hits hover around the 15-20k mark (and we do really only measure unique visitors to the blog, or at least whatever Google counts as unique clicks or sessions)

In July our hits topped out at 31,109 which is a new record for the blog for a single month's stats. WOOOH Go you!!

2) We're fast approaching ¾ of a million clicks. Again, this is something I never ever expected to happen to this blog, so again kudos to you wonderful readers for making this the most successful web thing I've ever been a part of.

Obviously these stats are pretty small potatoes when it comes to comparing against 'the big guns' out there in parenting / kidlit but it still made us feel very proud and very happy. We hope you like what we do, and will continue to come back for more.

So yep, a gigantic super-massive THANK YOU once again. You all ROCK!