Tuesday 19 September 2017

13 1/2 Incredible Things You Need To Know About Everything (Dorling Kindersley)

Once again, non-fiction experts Dorling Kindersley have come up with a truly stunning and superb fact-filled book to dazzle and delight you...
We love Non Fiction. We are so happy to see so many utterly fantastic high quality non fiction books hitting the bookstores, and Dorling Kindersley have been behind some of the most amazing reinventions of the non fiction format over the last few years.

In "13 1/2 Incredible Things You Need To Know About Everything" (which is a heck of a mouthful, the sort of title you imagine a shouty man howling at you on a TV advert) really is as incredible as it sounds.

It's part encyclopaedia, part record book, but a hugely enjoyable read that your kids will come back to again and again, as they track down over 1000 amazing facts about the subjects within.

What a diverse range of topics too! History, science, Geology, Biology, Space - you name it and it's in here - along with the most incredible exploded illustrations of various objects to really draw young readers in...

What an amazing piece of equipment. The NASA Lunar Suit, hugely complex but then it needs to be to keep you alive in the harsh environment of space
Dotted around each of the exploded diagrams are 13 1/2 interesting facts to help you familiarise yourself not only with the object in question, but the science or nature around it.

A veritable explosion of amazing facts, delicious diagrams and fabulous illustrations are packed into this gorgeous book
Charlotte is studying Ancient Egypt at the moment, so the section on Mummies really drew her in, and is bound to end up being shown off at school.

This is the sort of book that I truly hope ends up in lots of Christmas stockings. Utterly fab!

Charlotte's best bit: Learning how Ancient Egyptians made Mummies, and learning all about Elizabethan clothing

Daddy's favourite bit: A truly awesome book filled to the brim with amazing things, of the highest quality in both presentation and design. Another winner from DK.

(Kindly supplied for review)

13 1/2 Incredible Things You Need To Know About Everything is out now, published by Dorling Kindersley.