Tuesday 28 November 2017

ReadItDaddy's Titan Comic Book blowout - November 2017

'Tis the season to be jolly, well almost - but its also the season to dip back into our comic book grab-bag and bring you some of the highlights coming your way, or already sitting on comic store shelves and e-stores trying to tempt you into parting with your hard-earned cash.

Titan are blowing us away with their current lineup, and we've been taking a look at their new lineup, starting with the fantastic Doctor Who comics. There's truly something for everyone in the range, depending on your favourite Doctor.

I've always had a massive soft spot for Jon Pertwee (Doc 3) and Paul Cornell, Christopher Jones and Hi Fi's excellent "Heralds of Destruction" is an action packed adventure that is such a fantastic fit for Pertwee fans.

Reuniting Doc 3 with Jo Grant (yes!!!) and The Brigadier (YESSSS!) and of course Roger Delgado's stylish but chilling turn as The Master (YEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!) this is an absolute belter of a story arc.

After enlisting the help of his past selves to defeat the insane timelord Omega, The Doctor fixes the TARDIS dematerialisation circuits and is no longer earth-bound.

But The Doctor's favourite adopted planet is never at peace for long, and as UNIT struggles to contain a new menacing set of extraterrestrial invaders, The Doctor is once again called in to try and resolve the situation before the world is destroyed. But there's an unexpected foe to deal with too, the return of an old enemy - and an even more problematic catastrophe as The Doctor's past incarnation begins to meddle with time itself...

This is fantastic stuff as you can see...

With brilliant artwork from Christopher Jones and colour work from Hi Fi, Paul Cornell's writing really captures the awesome atmosphere of Pertwee's run as The Doctor (and it's fantastic to see Troughton again too!)

"Heralds of Destruction" (Doctor Who Adventures Doctor 3) is out now, published by Titan. 

Sticking with Doctor Who for a moment, let's take a look at what Titan are doing with Doctor Number 10...

Yep, without a doubt David Tennant is still probably the most celebrated Doctor in the modern run of episodes and his adventures continue as Titan gathers together a collection of "The Complete Year One" adventures in one humungous volume for you to enjoy. 

With various writers and artists working on the tenth doctor's comic book adventures, this is a great opportunity to dig into a cool collection of those gathered stories, particularly if you really wish Tennant had never left (though we do have a soft spot for Matt Smith's doc too). 

"The Complete tenth Doctor Adventures: Year 1" is out now, published by Titan. 

Titan don't just publish TV tie-ins, they've got a whole slew of original comics to dig into as well, though these come with a firm "Not for kids" label attached. 

"Anno Dracula" by Kim Newman and Paul McCaffrey is an utterly fantastic romp, with an alternative take on the gothic Dracula mythos with more than a goodly dose of steampunk props and Victorian intrigue. 

After Van Helsing's forces are defeated after Dracula invades Great Britain, so begins a decade of The Count's rule, bathed in blood. 

Rebel forces are determined to put the Prince of the Undead back underground, but as Kate Reed joins the Council of the Seven in London to plan Dracula's demise, Dracula sends his secret police force - the grey men - out onto the streets to enforce his iron rule. 

This is a fantastic addition to the growing resurgence in awesome vampire stories, and what better a subject than the original source material to draw from as this really does feel like it not only pays homage to Bram Stoker's original stories, but draws on vampire mythos from the early 20th Century in good measure too. 

Stunning artwork, a beautifully intricate plot, this is definitely one for bloodsuckers everywhere. 

"Anno Dracula" by Kim Newman and Paul McCaffrey is out now, published by Titan. 

Now the return of a true comic favourite with a new and original set of stories lovingly crafted in the style of the late Frank Hampson...It's the return of Dan Dare!

"Dan Dare Pilot of the Future: Misson of the Earthmen" by Eric Eden, Don Harley and Bruce Cornwell has been put together by some serious fans of the original stories, retaining the exact style and pacing that Hampson was renowned for. 

As you can see, these are incredibly accurate and detailed depictions of the greatest sci fi hero in British comic book history...

All your favourite supporting characters are along for the ride as well, like Digby and Professor Peabody. The comic even has original 'Eagle Comic' style covers to divide up each chapter. It's a real homage and then some...

"Dan Dare: Mission of the Earthmen" by Eric Eden, Don Harley and Bruce Cornwell is out now, published by Titan Comics.