Monday, 29 January 2018

"Animals with Tiny Cat" by Viviane Schwarz (Walker Books)

As well as being one of the coolest people on the planet, and one of the most interesting creatives to follow on Twitter, we think Viviane Schwarz is something of a cat-whisperer too...
We love the Tiny Cat books and in the latest, "Animals with Tiny Cat" the effervescent little kitty is helping little ones learn all about animals for the first time.

Whether it's a slithery snake who hisses, a loud stampy elephant who trumpets through its trunk or something more cute and cuddly, Tiny Cat is there with a fantastic impression to invite interaction and the best animal noises from little ones who will love joining in with this book.

Tiny Cat can be any animal she wants to be and so can you as you enjoy reading this one aloud together, whether parent and child, or in an energetic drama session in school! 

But does Tiny Cat have what it takes to be a fearless lion? Find out in this inventive picture book with an abundance of visual humour!

"Animals with Tiny Cat" by Viviane Schwarz is out now, published by Walker Books (kindly supplied for review).