Monday 5 March 2018

A fabulous "This or That" questions and answers session with Vashti Hardy, author of the fantastic "Brightstorm" (Scholastic Publishing)

We're joining in with a fantastic blog tour to celebrate the launch of "Brightstorm" by Vashti Hardy, a brilliant steampunky middle grade novel full of adventure, airships and plenty of swashbuckling.

Vashti has submitted herself to our intense scrutiny via the medium of "This or That" questions, so let's hand over to Vashti for her answers...

1) Chocolate or Cheese?

Chocolate, no hesitation! Salted caramel…

2) Pens or Pencils?

Pencils – they are excellent for sketching maps.

3) Star Wars or Star Trek?

Star Wars! I grew up with them – Leia is my kind of princess. In fact, all the characters are marvellous in Star Wars. Most recently Rey and Finn are my favourites, and BB8 of course. I love how you can understand droids without them actually speaking!

4) A lovely cup of tea or an invigorating cup of coffee?

Ha, this one hundred percent has to be tea, tea and more tea!

5) Cats or Dogs?

Small fluffy dogs! I dream of having a Shi-Tzu puppy to take for walks.

6) Holidays by the sea or strolling in the countryside?
I love the countryside which is strange because I live by the sea. I’m a wannabe country girl at heart and would be more than happy spending days trudging over hills dreaming stories…

7) Airships or steam-propelled land conveyances?

Old fashioned style sky-ships I think, although land conveyances could be fun too. *ponders new invention

8) Marmite Lover or Marmite Loather?

LOVE IT. On toast with a cup of tea (my desert island food/drink picks!).

9) Writing in silence or to a background track / noise?

I like soundtracks for writing, especially when I’m germinating ideas. They get you straight to the heart of an emotion, which helps me when I’m busy and snatching time to write in between other things. I like silence when I’m editing as my brain is usually being more practical than emotional.

10) Pioneering explorer in South Polaris or Gadabout in Lontown?

Explorer, although perhaps somewhere a little warmer than South Polaris, like the Eastern Isles, or a trip back to see kings Batzorig and Temur in the Second Continent Citadel – they would be fun to spend more time with!

(Thank you for your great qs!)

...and thank you for your superb answers! 

"Brightstorm" by Vashti Hardy is out now, published by Scholastic. 

Vashti Hardy lives near Brighton and was a primary school teacher before moving into digital marketing. She is an alumni member and buddy at the Golden Egg Academy. Brightstorm is her debut novel published by Scholastic.