Thursday, 22 March 2018

Children's Wildlife Atlas by John Farndon (QED Publishing)

It's time for yet another stunning non-fiction title from QED Publishing, once again celebrating the amazingly diverse animals we share our planet with...
John Farndon's sumptuously illustrated "Children's Wildlife Atlas" might not have the catchiest or coolest title, but once you start dipping into this amazing wildlife resource you'll be completely hooked.

Taking a more traditional approach than more recent wildlife books we've seen, this one really pours on the detail as we examine all the animal habitats right across the world, from the frozen north and south poles, in towards sunnier climes, dense jungles and even our own urban environments, showing how we quite often rub shoulders with amazing animals right on our own doorsteps.

Suitable for children who want to move on from their first introductory natural history titles, this book will be an absolutely invaluable resource to revisit time and time again, with a fantastic reference section so that you can instantly zoom in on particular animals and find out tons of amazing information about them.

Each page spread is an utter delight, just gasp in awe at the detail here...

Glorious and highly detailed illustrations are the order of the day here. 
Each habitat is shown with an accompanying map so that kids can start their own animal investigations and know where they are in the world.

Grasslands of the world, subtle differences between them all. Fab cross-sections here!
A truly amazing book and a real keeper for kids that will last them years as they start to learn more about natural history and geography in school.

Predator vs Prey. How do prey animals stay alive in the densely populated grasslands. 
Truly stunning bookage!

"Children's Wildlife Atlas" by John Farndon is out on 22nd March 2018, published by QED Publishing (kindly supplied for review)