Tuesday 27 March 2018

"Hello Hello" by Brendan Wenzel (Chronicle Children's Books)

The creator of Caldecott-winning "They All Saw a Cat" is back and he's bringing a few friends with him...
Brendan Wenzel's delightful "Hello Hello" is a fabulously colourful animal book designed to wow your tinies, introducing them to many species and creatures they may have never seen before.

With simple text and utterly glorious mixed-media illustrations, Brendan takes us on a tour of the animal kingdom. From the tiny to the tall, skinny to colossal, black and white to brightly coloured, Brendan finds a new creature to fit just about every description!

All the glorious colours of the animal kingdom, delightfully depicted!

Brendan also has a more serious message to imbue via his book. At the back he names all the animals, and also describes their current status - sadly with a great many of the creatures being described as endangered or on the brink of extinction...

From the Giant to the not-so giant. All the planet's animals are important. 
We've seen a great many books that sensitively deal with this subject for older readers, but it's just as important to impart this message to the very young too, instilling in them the importance of preserving these creatures, respecting their habitats and perhaps even changing our own wasteful resource-hungry ways too.

Brilliant stuff, gloriously presented.

C's favourite creature: the fabulous Pangolins.

Daddy's favourite creature: The tiny Chameleon.

"Hello Hello" by Brendan Wenzel is out now, published by Chronicle Children's Books (kindly supplied for review).