Thursday 22 March 2018

"When's My Birthday?" by Julie Fogliano and Christian Robinson (Walker Books)

This gorgeous book turned up about a week before two "big" birthdays (namely mine and C's) and it was great fun to see just how perfectly this story captured that excitement and anticipation of the big day...
"When's My Birthday?" by Julie Fogliano and Christian Robinson would actually make a perfect birthday present itself, a glorious little story book full of amazing papercut illustrations and a huge dose of child-like effervescence around the subject of birthdays.

So which is the most exciting part?

Is it the counting down of days before the day itself?

Is it planning a huge party with great things to eat, and all your friends to join you?

Is it the anticipation of tearing open all those presents and having fun new toys and things to play with?

Perhaps it's the thought of dressing up in something special to celebrate your day. All these things find their way into the book, told from a child's perspective in a perfect way.

Unwrap a present, large or small! It's your birthday after all!
It definitely got us in the birthday mood for sure!

How many candles on yours? C has 10, I have...a lot more than ten. 
We particularly loved all the little kid characters in this book, a gorgeous diverse selection of kids all fizzing with excitement about their birthdays too.

Time for a party. Invite a giraffe. That long neck will make you laugh!
C's best thing about birthdays: Presents! Lots of presents! (She's a material girl, what can I say?)

Daddy's best thing about birthdays: C's being quite close to mine, so everyone concentrates on hers and conveniently forgets mine :)

"When's my Birthday?" by Julie Fogliano and Christian Robinson is out now, published by Walker Books (kindly supplied for review).