Wednesday 25 April 2018

"Frank the Seven Legged Spider" by Michaele Razi (Sasquatch Books) @SasquatchBooks

"But wait a minute, don't spiders have 8 legs?" asked C quite nonchalantly before we took a look at this fab picture book...
No flies on her, but in "Frank the Seven Legged Spider" you'll find out just how poor Frank came to lose a limb.

Frank's life was awesome.

He could spin the most beautiful webs. He loved exploring the countryside and loved playing tricks most of all (who doesn't recall the horrible feeling of walking face-first into a spider's web. Blame Frank or at least one of his mates).

But life takes a bit of an odd turn when Frank wakes up one morning to find one of his legs has literally gone walkabout.

It's not there! It's gone! Who has taken it!

Poor Frank is forced to do a bit of a circular walk until he gets used to getting around on 7 legs instead of 8...

That's going to cost you an arm and a - well a leg - in shoes, Frank!
Frank is so upset, but despite being slightly outcast by his spider brethren he soon meets a whole new stack of friends who think having 7 legs is quite cool actually (Well you would when you've only got 6!)

This is a fun and playful book. Watch out for Frank's BFFs. I'm pretty sure one of them looks very shifty about that missing limb.

C's best bit: Frank's sneaky side-eyed friend. Definitely the culprit we reckon!

Daddy's favourite bit: A fun and playful story about what it means to be 'normal' and how sometimes being different can be just as cool.

"Frank the Seven-Legged Spider" by Michaele Razi is out now, published by Sasquatch Books (kindly supplied for review).