Wednesday, 18 April 2018

"Llamanoes" Illustrated by Shyama Golden (Chronicle Books) @chroniclekids

As well as being passionate book bloggers who love all things book shaped, we also really love fun family board and tabletop games...
"Llamanoes" illustrated by Shyama Golden definitely appealed to C the moment she saw it. She loves Llamas (in fact there aren't that many animals she DOESN'T love) and also loves a tricky and strategic game or two, so we couldn't wait to dive in.

As the box blurb says, it's dominoes with Llamas (we find most things are improved with the simple addition of a few Llamas) and after shuffling the player pieces, each player gets a cool collection of heads to match up in the usual domino style.

Once you're used to which half goes with which, it's a fun game that will appeal to a broad range of ages.

Give yourself plenty of floor or table space though. Unlike normal dominoes the game sort of evolves as one great big long domino layout so you'll definitely be better off sprawled out with lots of space for this one.

Fun idea though and brightened up a rainy afternoon for us!

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"Llamanoes" by Shyama Golden is out now, produced by Chronicle Books (kindly supplied for review).