Friday, 27 April 2018

ReadItDaddy's Chapter Book of the Week - Week Ending 27th April 2018 - "Beyond the Odyssey" by Maz Evans (Chicken House Books) @chickenhsebooks

I think our emotions ranged from excited anticipation to wild mania when we saw this week's Chapter Book of the Week...
Maz Evans' sublime "Who Let the Gods Out" was a fantastic explosion of a book full of glorious humour and superb characters and we've closely followed young Elliot through "Simply the Quest" to the third utterly fabulous book in the series.

Ladies and germs, it's time for "Beyond the Odyssey".

Once again Maz gloriously taps into ancient myth and legend as we pick up the threads of Elliot's troubled life.

He's been suspended from school (well, it's not exactly hard to see why - ancient gods turning up and wrecking the place kind of puts people's backs up a bit you see).

Dad is still as useless as ever, about as much use as a chocolate teapot in fact. 

Worst of all, poor Elliot's mum's health is getting worse and worse. As the gods continue their quest for the third chaos stone, Elliot has other things on his mind. A possible cure-all for mum, a restorative potion that could well cure her for good, but the cost may just be too great as the entire fate of the world is at stake. 

What would you choose if you were put in Elliot's position? Save the world? Save your mum? It's the toughest challenge yet and could it be the end of everything? 

Such love for this series, slight relief that there is at least one more in the pipeline (it's always worth following Maz on Twitter to get some really awesome snippets about her writing processes, and uber-planning)  You'll probably feel a lot like us at the end of "Beyond the Odyssey" it's definitely not the last you've heard of this hugely talented author and her amazing bookworlds and we truly can't wait for book four. 

"Beyond the Odyssey" by Maz Evans is out now, published by Chicken House Books (Kindly supplied for review).