Thursday, 24 May 2018

"Brain Lab for Kids" by Eric Chudler Ph.D(Quarry Books)

What an amazing thing the brain is. We still don't fully understand the intricacies of how it works, but it truly is what makes us who we are...
Eric H. Chudler Ph.D knows a thing or two about brains. As a top Neuroscientist, Eric has put together a fantastic resource for inquisitive kids, encouraging them to explore the brain in minute detail (and conduct some fun and tricky experiments along the way too).

In "Brain Lab for Kids" Eric invites us to engage in 52 mind-blowing experiments to further our own knowledge of Neuroscience.

The brain is endlessly fascinating, and kids will love how sometimes the brain can trick them, befuddle them, fool them or delight them in equal measure.

Build a rope neuron model to explore how the brain communicates across its various centres
Riding a bicycle, learning a new language, catching a ball, reading a book: these activities and everything else we see, hear, feel, and do are made possible by the soft, whitish-pink substance inside our heads called the brain.

And yet, we take for granted many of the amazing things our brain does for us. And so, Brain Lab for Kids offers 52 family-friendly activities, science experiments, and models to help us understand how the brain accomplishes all that it does.

Not just the fantasy foodstuff of Zombies everywhere, Brains are magical!
Each lab in this book is divided into several sections. After the title of each lab, the approximate time it will take to do the experiment is listed. The “Methods” section provides a step-by-step guide of the procedures and materials you will need to complete the lab. The science behind an experiment is explained in the “What’s Going On” section. “Brain Facts” are interesting, fun, and perhaps surprising bits of trivia related to each lab. Finally, “Thinking Deeper” has suggestions that you can use to take each lab further.
This is a really fantastic book that we truly enjoyed and that made us think (using our brains, of course) just how fascinating a subject neuroscience really is. 

C's best brain lab: Building her own models of neurons. 

Daddy's best brain lab: Some fantastic experiments to 'fool' the brain and trick others in cool and surprising ways. MIND POWAAHHHH!

"Brain Lab for Kids" by Eric Chudler is out now, published by Quarry (kindly supplied for review).