Thursday, 17 May 2018

"The Little Pioneer" by Adam Hancher (Frances Lincoln Children's Books)

This is something really special, a children's picture book about the toughest challenges faced by folk aiming to settle the land along the Oregon Trail...
In Adam Hancher's sublime "The Little Pioneer", meet a little girl and her family who took a colossal and life-changing direction back in the 19th Century. Becoming pioneers, packing their belongings into a canvas-topped wagon and embarking on a long and hazardous journey to stake out a scrap of land of their own.

Told through the girl's amazing descriptive tale, this epic story documents her adventures as she discovers the challenges, excitement and danger of America’s frontier. 

Filled with drama, this tale is testament to the determination, solidarity and courage of the early pioneers, each chasing their own American Dream. 

It's a truly beautiful book, showcasing Adam's huge talent for storytelling and illustration. 

Taking a huge bold step into the unknown, the frontier families of the wild wild west. 
Each page is steeped in atmosphere, tension and excitement, truly the stuff that children's picture books really need in abundance. 

Glorious atmospheric storytelling and gorgeous illustrations. This book is really something special.
"The Little Pioneer" by Adam Hancher is out now, published by Frances Lincoln Children's Books (kindly supplied for review).