Monday 25 June 2018

"Don't Feed the Bear" by Kathleen Doherty and Chip Wass (Sterling)

A war of words with bear vs brain! Set your picnic baskets to stun with "Don't Feed the Bear" by Kathleen Doherty and Chip Wass...
Something's stirring in the forest, and it's not just the sound of a big hungry bear lading maple syrup over a stack of stolen pancakes, it's a battle of wits that can only end in two rumbling tummies.

In "Don't Feed the Bear" we meet two characters constantly at odds in this fabulously retro-artistic story.

Bear is - of course - a big grizzly bear who just LOVES feasting on illicit tourist picnic grub that he's either been left or has filched of his own accord.

Bear is getting big and fat, and so it's up to the diminutive park ranger to rein in his appetites.

Kicking off with a bunch of signs, these begin to work with good effect. But naturally bear is NOT happy.

"What's good for the goose is good for the grizzly!" thinks Bear, and begins a surreptitious campaign to undermine the Park Ranger's scheme. First with disguises then with signs of his own.

Nummy picnic leftovers. Is there anything better?
The tense battle of wits ramps up to crazy proportions as even the park ranger begins to go hungry.

Rubbish disguises don't work Mr Bear!
I mean who wants to eat mouldy muffins? Certainly neither of these fun characters.

Ew! Mouldy muffins and wormy apples! Not what the doctor ordered!
Surely there must be a middle ground where both Bear and Ranger can end up with some tasty grub? If only they could work...TOGETHER!

This is a fun and crazy book with a core message about sharing and being considerate to others. Definitely don't feed the bears though, they get rather fat and it's almost impossible to convince them to go to spin class afterwards.

C's best bit: The hilarious ramping-up of bear and park ranger altering each other's signs (quite often being very rude about each other in the process!)

Daddy's favourite bit: A lively tale with glorious retro-cartoon-style art. Love it!

"Don't Feed the Bear" by Kathleen Doherty and Chip Wass is out now, published by Sterling (kindly supplied for review).