Tuesday 24 July 2018

Lazy summer reading is now even easier with a Book Monster to lend a hand (or a couple of teeth!)

Cute Kitty! A fantastic idea for summer book worms!
Thanks to the lovely folk at Clareville Communications and www.thinkinggifts.com we've given a new cuddly reading aid a loving home (and believe me, C went absolutely CRAZY for this thing the moment she saw it). 

She often sprawls out on the floor reading, or props her book up awkwardly on her knees in bed - and that's not always easy in the hot weather. 

Thankfully Thinking Gifts have come to the rescue with Kiki Kitty, a Cuddly Reading Companion that fits most of her books absolutely perfectly (and also works for iPads and tablets too, if your kids love a bit of screentime). 

These cuddly creatures are part of the Thinking Gifts range (RRP £24.99 each), a collection of cute animals including Puppy Pete, Kiki Kitty and Owliver.

Book Monster and Cuddly Readers are light-weight, fully machine washable and manufactured with children’s safety in mind – they’re sure to make an eye-catching and fun addition to any family home.

They're also great for reading outside, as you can see!

What could be better than finding a shady nook to read a cool book in, with your Cuddly Reading Companion Kiki?

 Kiki Kitty was extremely well made, really nicely stitched. I think the only slight criticism we'd make is that the teeth (to hold the book) could've done with being a bit toothier (longer) to hold paperbacks. It does still work surprisingly well though (look ma, no hands! YAY!)

Sturdy book steady!
We were most impressed by this and we're now faced with a bit of a challenge - how does C pack this for Guide Camp later on in the year?

Thinking Gift stockists include WH Smith, independent bookshop (including Stanfords in London and Bristol) and independent giftshops across the UK as well as online at www.thinkinggifts.com.

The popular book holders from Thinking Gifts were created when one of the team’s young sons was often trying to prop his book and tablet in difficult positions, so the idea of the Book Monster was born. As you can see, it's become a huge hit with C and we will definitely be having a browse on the Thinking Gifts online store to see what other goodies they do. 

If pink's not your thing, how about a froggy companion instead?

Hop on over to www.thinkinggifts.com - free UK delivery for orders over £15

(Kiki Kitty kindly supplied for review purposes).