Monday 6 August 2018

The Night Dragon by Naomi Howarth (Lincoln Children's Books)

It's time to shine for a colourful dragon with a difference - "The Night Dragon" by Naomi Howarth...
Naomi's "Tug of War" was a huge fave with us and it's lovely to see her back with another children's picture book featuring her trademark gorgeous colourful watercolours, and a story about self-belief and finding your place in the world.

For young dragon Maud, life is fairly simple - but she just wishes she could fit in a bit better with her fellow dragons.

She can't breathe fire, she's not particularly terrifying, has never taken a princess hostage and isn't really very good at flying.

Her dragon 'friends' scoff and laugh at poor Maud, but she does have a best friend - a tiny mouse who shows Maud that there's more to life than trying to fit in with others.

We're complete suckers for dragon books and this one really is gorgeous to look at
One day Maud realises what her calling in life actually is - and along with her trusty pal Mouse embarks on a fabulous journey through the heavens just as night begins to fall. For Maud is The Night Dragon, and her gorgeous colours imbue her with a fabulous gift to paint the skies.

Poor Maud, but greatness is just around the corner
This is such a lovely take on a story type we've seen a lot of, and it's still such an important message for kids - particularly if they need a boost to their self confidence, or are dealing with a few mean folk at school.

Brimlad and friends. What a bunch of meanies. 
C's best bit: Maud's fabulous colourful epiphany as she finally takes to the skies

Daddy's favourite bit: A lovely heartwarming story that will help give the quiet kids a boost in confidence and self belief. Be less Brimlad, more Maud!

"The Night Dragon" by Naomi Howarth is out now, published by Lincoln Children's Books (kindly supplied for review).