Tuesday 21 August 2018

"Up the Mountain" by Marianne Dubuc (Book Island)

Book Island really do have the most amazing and gorgeous range of books for younger readers who demand a little bit more from their picture books...
Never one to shy away from publishing longer stories that are more immersive and involving than most publishers manage, Book Island pins their colours to some truly amazing titles.

Such as Marianne Dubuc's sublime "Up the Mountain", the gentle story of an ordinary Badger off for a truly extraordinary adventure.

Mrs Badger loves to climb the mountain near her home every Sunday.

But as Mrs Badger gets older and older, she wonders if she'll be able to continue with her lonely sojourn to the top of the mountain, to stare at the amazing view.

On her journey she learns the name of every animal and every plant on the way and being a kindly old soul, she always helps everyone in need. 

Oh my, aren't Mrs Badger's shelves just perfect?

One particular Sunday she meets a little cat, Leo, who would like to join her on her journey. This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship and many more walks up the mountain. What will happen when Mrs Badger is too old to join Leo?

Once again, we're seeing a recurring theme in children's books emerging, and one that we'll always shout 'hooray' about - that concept of showing children that caring for, befriending and respecting their elders is worthwhile - to hear their stories, to share their experiences and who knows, perhaps offer companionship in what could be otherwise a very lonely life. 

Yes, we love that message and it's so beautifully described in this heartwarming book full of hope and inspiration, character and atmosphere - but above all sheer joy. 

"Up the Mountain" by Marianne Dubuc is out now, published by Book Island (kindly supplied for review).