Tuesday 11 September 2018

"My Art Book of Love" by Shana Gozansky (Phaidon Publishing)

Just in case you hadn't already noticed, Phaidon Publishing produce some of the most gorgeous and desirable board books on the planet...
...like this utter beauty.

It's never too early to engage children with fabulous art, and in "My Art Book of Love" by Shana Gozansky, we're taken on a visual journey that should offer warm cuddly feelings to just about everyone, regardless of their age.

Shana has gathered together a stunning selection of gorgeous paintings by artists you may already know, and some you definitely won't have heard of.

Coupled with simple yet beautiful text, the end result is a lyrical little board book that not only looks gorgeous, but is also heart warming and just plain lovely to browse through.

Each page spread offers up a lovely pair of rhymes to go along with the subject matter...

Oh Gustav, what I wouldn't give to be able to paint like you, old friend!
There's also a bit of information about each piece of art - which is expanded upon towards the end of the book with more detailed descriptions of each piece of work, when they were painted or created, who they were painted by and the mediums used.

Oh yes indeed! Is it me or did it just get a tad warm in here?
It's entirely suitable for a huge range of ages right down to the tiniest of tinies who may still love chewing a good book rather than reading it.

Just stunning, aren't they?
It works on so many levels, this. A perfect book to save for valentines day, or just absolutely brilliant for being a nice stepping stone for your little ones to give them an appreciation for art and artists in a really cool and lovely way.

C's favourite painting: Robert Bechtle's stunning photorealism piece "61 Pontiac"

Daddy's favourite painting: "The Three Ages of Woman" by Gustav Klimt.

"My Art Book of Love" by Shana Gozansky is released on 28th September 2018, published by Phaidon (kindly supplied for review).