Thursday, 20 September 2018

"Sock Story" by C.K Smouha and Eleonora Marton (Cicada Books)

Oooh! Hello lovely new book! Let's take this fab little story for a spin, literally...!
It's always lovely to find books from publishers who are new to us - even though Cicada Books have been around since 2009, producing some truly glorious childrens (and grown-up) books this is actually the first time we've come across their titles - and we wish we'd discovered them sooner, to be honest!

You can check out their wonderful publications over on their website but let's take a look at their new picture book released today in Hardback, and take "Sock Story" for a spin.

Meet Phil (love that name, obviously!) and Dale (What, not Charlotte?!), a pair of socks who are completely inseparable and best buddies.

Phil and Dale always love their favourite time of the week - Wash Day!

It's when they get to go on the most amazing 'ride' ever, the washing machine as it spins, slooshes, rumbles and shakes, cleaning the happy little pals so that they're ready for action!

This time though, Phil gets separate from Dale - and if you've ever hunted through the house top to bottom looking for a lost sock, you'll definitely identify with Phil's plight.

You spin me right round baby, right round!
Phil doesn't realise that poor Dale has been lost in the bottom of the washing machine, and after being washed with a rather bright red shirt, Dale is now pink!

Will Phil recognise his long lost pal next wash day?

Oh dear!!
The first thing we loved about this book was the bright and colourful illustrations, full of character and fun.

The second thing is the fact that the story is told largely through dialogue, like a comic strip - which actually makes it really fun to read aloud (particularly if I read Phil's bits and C reads Dale's parts).

The book is gorgeously presented, fabulous for younger readers (and a good sturdy book at that, important when you're reading it to littlies who love dribbling on and chewing books!)

We really look forward to seeing more from this innovative little publisher. This is fab stuff.

C's best bit: Poor Phil failing to recognise his (now pink) socky pal!

Daddy's favourite bit: Love the fresh look and feel to this one, loved the fact the story is told largely in dialogue like this which really helps to bring the characters to life. Such an original idea too!

"Sock Story" by C.K Smouha and Eleonora Marton is out now, published by Cicada Books (kindly supplied for review).