Friday 19 October 2018

ReadItDaddy's Comic of the Week - Week Ending 19th October 2018: "Bunny vs Monkey Book 5" by Jamie Smart (David Fickling Books)

HEY YOU! Yes, you at the back surreptitiously picking your nose and wiping it on the underside of your chair. Pay attention! Its "Comic of the Week" time...
Sorry to start off sounding bossy, but it's our sworn duty as comic fans to point out to those of you who we've managed to cajole, persuade or otherwise put the screws on about how fantastic "The Phoenix Comic" is, that your comic journey is far from over.

Once again sliding into our "Comic of the Week" slot is another collected slice of complete chaos courtesy of "The Phoenix Presents" - those gorgeous collected strips culled from the pages of the weekly comic.

This time we're delighted to present "Bunny vs Monkey: Destructo and other ridiculous stories" which is the 5th collected volume of B vs M from Jamie Smart.

As you can probably imagine, a set of stories involving a bunch of hapless, clever, crazy, over-energetic and completely bonkers animals will usually involve a heady cocktail of the following:

  • Amazing fight scenes
  • Completely crazy and whacky inventions
  • The word "Phrrrrt" (the frequent use of the word "Phrrrrt" at that)
  • A pig under each arm (No wait, that's the other fellah)
As a kid, I remember barely raising a smile at most of the "funny" comics (though to be fair, The Beezer was the business when it came to proper guttural belly laughs) but things have changed now, and the huge "WHOOP!" that C uttered when this arrived through the door once again ushered in a good hour or so of her giggling and snorting loudly at this, before we had to intervene and whisk her off to school (with it sneaked into her bag, we later noticed). 

Marvel at tales of Bunny, Monkey, Pig, Metal Steve, Skunky, Ay and others as they struggle with a new nefarious dark force who wants to take over the forest. 

Another brilliant collection, and a huge hat-tip to the extraordinarily talented fellah who makes us laugh like drains every single time he puts pen to bristol board. 

"Bunny vs Monkey: Destructo and other ridiculous stories" by Jamie Smart is out now, published by David Fickling Books (kindly supplied for review)