Friday, 30 November 2018

ReadItDaddy's Second Book of the Week - Week Ending 30th November 2018: "Timelines of Everything" (Dorling Kindsersley Publishing)

Wow, our second book of the week is an absolute MAMMOTH book that captures the history of our planet from Big Bang to Big Badaboom!
We truly love everything Dorling Kindersley publish, their books can always be guaranteed to be massively immersive, absolutely jam packed with facts, but also designed and presented to the highest standards with tons of engaging photos and illustrations leaping out at you from every page.

This time the immensely talented team at DK have turned their attention to producing a series of engaging and interesting timelines for everything from dinosaurs to royal families, from technology to wars and some brilliant chronicling of some of the world's greatest inventions and innovations.

Phew! As you'd expect, it's a lot to pack in to a single book - and this one is a hefty tome that would make a fantastic stocking filler if your kids or relatives prefer scintillating non-fiction.

Let's take a look inside...

Dinosaurs that walk, crawl, swim and fly! A fabulous march of all things mighty and scaly!
Each spread categorises various historical eras, with box-outs and details for all the things being described.

Learn all about the Renaissance, and how this massively influential movement is still inspiring creative folk today
It really is so beautifully designed from cover to cover...

World War 2 from the lead-up to hostilities through to Victory in Europe and Japan
We've seen quite a few books try to gather a huge swathe of information together in a bit of a scattergun way, but DK have come up with the perfect formula here - and some good solid indexing means this will be a reference book that kids will dip into again and again throughout their entire school life.

Utterly brilliant stuff!

"Timelines of Everything" is out now, published by DK (kindly supplied for review).