Wednesday, 21 November 2018

"The Atlas of Heroes" by Sandra Lawrence and Stuart Hill (Big Picture Press)

Wowsers, more brilliance from the talented team that brought you "The Atlas of Monsters" - Let's cheer for the good guys and gals...!
This is another utterly brilliant book from Sandra Lawrence and Stuart Hill, combining two things we love absolutely loads - maps and legends - together in a gigantic and superbly presented new pictorial atlas that offers far more than you'd expect.

"The Atlas of Heroes" brings you a whole world of amazing myths and legends in a large format story-driven book as you help a young girl trace the steps of her adventuresome aunt, decoding clues and codes as you go.

The quest is spliced with a globe-trotting exploration of stories, religious figures and cultural icons from all over the world, with a huge selection of heroes and heroines that you may have heard of, but just as many that will be completely new to you.

From Heracles of Greece, to Maui of the Pacific, to the Empress Jingu of Japan, "The Atlas of Heroes" is full of fascinating stories of bravery and cunning.

It looks as good as it sounds, let's dive in!

Amazing heroes, heroines and mighty beasts to slay in The Middle East
Kids will love learning where these legends took place, examining the maps and finding out which part of the world these stories originate from, as well as using the strange symbols on each map to decipher hidden messages left by Auntie.

Some of our favourite myths and legends originated in China. So many amazing stories!
It's a feast for the eyes, with so many incredible tales to tell.

Yep, even our own home countries have some truly mighty heroes and heroines too!
An absolutely brilliant book this, perfect for inquisitive kids who want more than a bunch of lame superheroes :)

"The Atlas of Heroes" by Sandra Lawrence and Stuart Hill is out now, published by Big Picture Press (kindly supplied for review)