Wednesday, 28 November 2018

"The Mud Monster" by Jonnie Wild and Brita Granstrom (Otter-Barry Books)

Here's a fabulous story that's a little bit scary and spooky at first...
Jonnie Wild and Brita Granstrom are back with another fantastic title with some of the proceeds going to wildlife conservation charities in Africa - a noble and brilliant cause.

"The Mud Monster" by Jonnie and Brita starts out with a whispered tale echoing through the jungles and plains of a terrifying entity that rules the water hole.

No one has actually seen the mythical mud monster, but its reputation quickly spreads.

But is this mystical beast quite as menacing as it seems?

It's a fantastic little story to settle down with at bedtime (despite the initial spookiness, kids will absolutely love the way the story wraps - with such a satisfying reveal which we, of course, aren't going to spoil for you!)

Find out the mysterious identity of "The Mud Monster" by Jonnie Wild and Brita Granstrom, out now from Otter-Barry Books (kindly supplied for review).