Tuesday, 22 January 2019

"A Home on the River" by Peter Bently and Charles Fuge (Hodder Children's Books)

It's the return of Peter Bently and Charles Fuge's awesome "Home" series, this time with Bramble the Badger having a serious problem watering his garden in "A Home on the River".

As idyllic as it sounds, life by the side of the river takes an unexpected turn for Bramble when he turns on the tap one day to find no water.

His friends and neighbours all have the same problem - and it's only when Bramble treks down to the river that the answer is obvious - there's absolutely no water in the river, not a single drop.

Bramble decides to take a perilous trip further up the river to find out what's going on...

What could be the cause? Or more importantly WHO could have stopped the river dead in its tracks? When Bramble discovers the answer he's as surprised as everyone else.

A hose is no use if there's no water coming out of it!
We just love the gentleness of these stories, with glorious illustrations from Charles too.

Living by the river was idyllic, until one day all the water disappeared!
Reminiscent of the sort of stories I'd read as a kid (anyone who's familiar with the Brambly Hedge books will absolutely love these stories too). Beautiful!

"A Home on the River" by Peter Bently and Charles Fuge is out now, published by Hodder Children's Books (kindly supplied for review).