Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Monster Match by Caroline Gray (Hodder Children's Books)

Monster books were among the first titles that C always sought out on our weekly library trips.

We went through all the greats and it's awesome to see that monsters are still very much a cool choice of subject for picture book authors and illustrators.

Here's "Monster Match" by Caroline Gray which is the ideal story for your own little monsters, a simple, fun and totally entertaining story about a group of monsters who desperately want to be YOUR favourite beastie.

Will you choose the squishiest smelliest monster? The greediest? The most energetic perhaps? Or twins even!

Each monster is different and has their own characteristics and of course their own reasons why they'd just love to be your monster.

Fans of Monsters Inc will know where this book is headed...

A giant monster to run around and help you keep fit perhaps?
The scene stealing dog, cat and rabbit in this book are hilarious!

All kids will have their own favourite monster
There's also an entertaining pay-off at the end of the book to look forward to (which we, of course, won't spoil for you).

Huge monstrous bristly scaly squidgy fun!

"Monster Match" by Caroline Gray is out now, published by Hodder Children's Books (kindly supplied for review).