Monday, 8 April 2019

"I Saw a Bee" by Rob Ramsden (Scallywag Press)

Are you scared of bees? Do you worry that they might sting you?

In "I Saw a Bee" a little boy isn't sure what to make of bees - and reacts aggressively at first.

But bees are hugely important to our ecosystem, in fact without bees we'd be in a whole heap of trouble - as our pollinating friends are vitally important to the world's plant life, busying themselves by ensuring that plants can reproduce and proliferate across our planet.

Using simple but effective repeating text to reinforce the message of how important bees are, the little boy in the story realises that looking after bees, providing them with lots of lovely flowers to gather pollen and nectar from, and helping his own garden to thrive can be hugely satisfying, as can doing every little bit you can to help maintain our planet's important species. 

Sum this book up in a sentence: A brilliant and important little book for little ones just beginning to discover the delicate balances at work in our gardens and green spaces, as important insect species like Bees go about their daily business. 

"I Saw a Bee" by Rob Ramsden is out now, published by Scallywag Press (kindly supplied for review).