Thursday, 13 June 2019

Out Today! The latest fabulous "That's not my" book from Usborne Publishing. "That's Not My Flamingo" by Fiona Watt and Rachel Wells (Usborne)

We can't help ourselves, we have such a soft spot for Fiona Watt and Rachel Wells' brilliant "That's not my" book range, and there's a new one out today.

Are you pink?

Do you like standing on one leg?

Are you partial to a shrimp sandwich?

Then step right up, today sees the launch of the truly brilliant "That's Not My Flamingo" !

These were some of the first books we read to C when she was an absolute tiddler, and though the library copies were always very well thumbed / drooled on, they were such a great introduction to books for her, and such a great way to start off that excitement and engagement that comes from turning each page and discovering something new.

Fluffy wings? Shiny beaks? Yep we love it to bits and we hope that this book range goes on forever, though now C is 11, she still loves these and half her enjoyment comes from trying to dream up new titles that Fiona and Rachel might not have thought of yet.

"That's not my Blobfish! His face is too squishy!" - Make it happen ladies :)

Sum this book up in a sentence: The very best book range for tiny tiddlers, introducing the excitement, anticipation and interaction that comes from sitting down with a great book from a very early age.

"That's not my Flamingo" by Fiona Watt and Rachel Wells is out today, published by Usborne Books 

(kindly supplied for review with the world's greatest tote bag!)