Tuesday, September 10, 2019

"The National Archives: World War 2" by Nick Hunter (Bloomsbury Children's Books)

Lots of kids will be covering the Second World War in the curriculum when they start back at school, and this fantastic book from Nick Hunter gets kids off to a flying start with tons of amazing facts, historical archive records, photos and illustrations taken from the National Archives.

"National Archives: World War 2 - The Story Behind the War that Divided the World" is a thoroughly researched book brilliantly presented with the historical timeline of the build up to the war, the war years themselves, and the aftermath detailed in a way that will allow children to dip in and find exactly the information they need.

Find out the impact the war had on our ordinary everyday lives, the technological advances that brought about terrifying weapons on both sides, and the human cost of the conflict - and the many lives that were lost.

Many children will still have grandparents or great-grandparents who were alive in the war years, or perhaps even fought in the conflict, and this book serves as a valuable reference but also a poignant reminder of what war does to ordinary everyday families.

"World War II: The Story Behind the War that Divided the World" by Nick Hunter is out now, published by Bloomsbury Educational (kindly supplied for review)