Tuesday, 19 July 2011

I'm coming to get you!

Oh dear, oh my! Once again the "No monster books!" rule has been swept aside, and letting Charlotte choose her own books from the library stacks has resulted in another monstrous tale being added to our weekly haul. 

"I'm coming to get you!" by Tony "Little Princess" Ross is an ages-old tale respun with superb illustrations by a master of children's literature. The title sounds scary, the nasty monster on the cover is quite scary for youngsters - even his nefarious actions are fairly scary as he devours worlds, crushes civilisations and finally fixes his evil stare on a poor lad called Tommy on the twinkling blue planet of Earth. 

Naturally though the end of the book has a neat little twist (which adults might see coming a mile off, but is actually a pleasant relief for children who've probably been cuddling up to you slightly apprehensively while you're reading this!)

Charlotte's best bit: Monster crushing the poor defenceless Banana People. 

Daddy's favourite bit: Monster's choice of weapon at the end of the book

Rating: 4 out of 5